Welcome to my May Fitness Challenge!

Hey friends! Thank you so much for joining my May Fitness Challenge. I’m excited to lead you through the next month of workouts and accountability. Here’s a few housekeeping items to get you prepped for our launch.

To get the most out of the workouts I provide, you need a few key items:

  • What you consider a light and heavy set of dumbbells. I go back and forth between 3, 5, 8, 10 and 15 lbs. You can typically find these at Target, TJ Maxx or Amazon. If you’re new to weight training, I recommend starting with 5 and 8 lbs.
  • A set of resistance or booty bands. I prefer the fabric ones like these.
  • A yoga mat. This will provide some extra cushion when we do floor work.
  • A stable box, step or stool to stand or sit on. Sometimes a chair will work.
  • Water bottle. It’s so important that you stay hydrated throughout the day.

I will provide modifications in case you don’t have all of that equipment. You’ll hear me say this a lot — the easiest modification is to drop the weight and just use your body.

All communication about the challenge will take place in the GroupMe app. You have been assigned to one of the groups below. After downloading the GroupMe app, click the link at the top of your team to join. While it’s not a requirement, participation in the chat is HIGHLY encouraged. This is how we keep each other accountable and motivated. I’d love for you to check in at least every couple of days to let us know how it’s going. You can share how the workout went for you, if you used any modifications, what you liked (or didn’t), healthy recipe ideas, etc. This is a community!

Teal TeamYellow Team
Robin L.Liz S.
Emily R.Angie C.
Linette W.Debra H.
Megan S.Deanna S.
DeAnn B.Alicia M.
Janie G.Christina M.
Marsha V.Elizabeth M.
Jessica V.Marissa M.
Danielle D.Irina N.
Sabrina R.Cynthia V.
Jamie P.Whitney G.
Megan A.Aida M.

Each full week of the challenge, you will receive 5 videos:

  • 3 strength training classes (35 minutes)
  • 1 Zumba class (30 minutes)
  • 1 stretch class (20 minutes)

All of the workouts are unlisted YouTube videos. On Sunday night, I will send you the links to the 5 videos. They will be available until the following Sunday at 9 PM. I will provide a recommended schedule, but you have 7 days to get all 5 videos in at your leisure. Once the videos close, you will no longer have access, so plan your time wisely! The purpose of spreading them out over the week is so give you adequate rest. Please do not cram them all into only a few days.

You’d be surprised what you can accomplish in just 1 month. I’d recommend documenting your progress by taking photos or measurements of your body before we start and then again at the end to compare.

This program was made exclusively for you. Please do not share the video links or challenge resources with anyone outside of your group.

If this program doesn’t sound like the right fit for you or if you won’t be able to complete it, I’m happy to issue you a refund before we begin. That way someone on my wait list can still participate. Unfortunately, life happens (illness, injury or other unexpected circumstances). If something comes up and you’re unable to continue, please let me know. However, after we’ve started, I’m unable to issue a refund or comp you for a future challenge. Thank you for understanding!